Ergonomics consulting services how we can help you

Think Ergonomics provides a range of ergonomic consulting services covering all aspects of physical ergonomics with the aim to reduce harm to workers, and costs to business.

Ergonomics concerns matching human physical and mental capability and limitations of the people using equipment, and engaging with processes or systems. Think Ergonomics can provide ergonomics advice when your business is designing or redesigning equipment, tasks or systems. This will ensure they suit users, minimising risk and harm.

  • Engageyour team

    One on one coaching and advice

    • Creating compelling and interactive programs
    • Problem solving
    • Fresh perspective on ergonomics issues in daily operations
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  • EMPOWERyour People

    Compelling interactive programs

    • See your daily activities in a new light
    • Simple strategies for team leaders
    • Coaching and advising staff and leaders
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  • Safetyin design

    Add value to your design team

    • Ever wondered why some design projects result in injury?
    • Need a fresh approach to your project?
    • Want to reduce risk of harm?
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  • Researchand reports

    Understand your ergonomics business risks

    • Give your CEO/Board a high level report
    • Practical solutions for your business
    • Understanding high level strategies
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Ergonomics is the key to reducing your workplace health and safety risk.


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