About Katrina James – Certified Professional Ergonomist

Katrina is a respected and renowned ergonomist dedicated to the heavy manufacturing sector.

Katrina is an experienced Certified Professional Ergonomist, accomplished in coaching business leaders and frontline supervision in understanding the “what” and the “how” of ergonomics in the workplace.

Katrina is about assisting by thinking and applying ergonomics to your business at a national and global view.

Post graduate ergonomics qualifications and professional memberships back up Katrina’s experience.

16 years experience at BlueScope, with 10 years at a national level has enabled Katrina to utilise her knowledge and put research into practise.

Working with NSW Government developing State policy on OHS Due Diligence created an opportunity for Katrina to engage at a high level of policy.

Katrina has co-written written a book “Ergonomics and Human Factors for Engineers”, an in -house publication to guide engineers and designers to consider the user in reducing injury and increase productivity.

Katrina has developed powerful resources to equip managers and front line leaders to address physical ergonomics issues in your daily business.

“My mission is to improve working life at an individual, business and community level through working across all sectors with business leaders and their people. To listen and hear individuals. To lead teams to come up with successful solutions. Reducing chronic injury, pain and fatality.”

Qualifications Summary

  • Graduate Diploma Safety Science and Ergonomics, UNSW 2004
  • Associate Diploma Occupational Health Nursing, Cumberland College 1997

Professional membership

  • Board Member Human Factors and Ergonomics Society inc. (HFESA) 2011 – 2016.
  • Chair NSW Branch HFESA 2011 – 2016.
  • Member HFESA 2007 – current.

Connect with Katrina

For more information connect with Katrina on LinkedIn.

Listen Katrina’s Interview

In July and August of 2016, Katrina was invited to share her knowledge and insights about ergonomics with Ali Clarke, 891 ABC Adelaide. You can listen to the recorded interview below, or on SoundCloud.

Katrina James - Ergonomist | Think Ergonomics
Katrina James - Certified Professional Ergonomist
Ergonomist | Sydney Australia
Ergonomics Consultant | Manufacturing

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